Odd Number Film


On the outside, you grow up with gangs. You end up joining a gang. You are good with a gun and become an assassin. You are really good at it. They give you a target. You are betrayed, and they find you. You are shot twelve times, survive and end up in the dreaded Pollsmoor Prison. Now you're on the inside, and you're fighting for survival.

Odd Number is a documentary film set on the Cape Flats. The Cape Flats are 20 minutes from Cape Town, an expansive low lying sandy area and dumping ground of South Africa’s apartheid era’s forced removals. The National Party enforced racial segregation from 1948 to 1994 resulting in the forced relocation of black and coloured people to the Cape Flats.

Odd Number is a story of redemption.  It’s the story of boy who grows up in poverty on the Cape Flats and joins a gang.  A traumatic failed assassination leads to his incarceration.  In Pollsmoore prison he fights for survival and survives an assassination attempt. Being in the dreaded Pollsmoore prison turns out to be a blessing aswell, as he finds God and himself.  Today he works as a plumber, eking out a meagre existence and fighting for the survival of his family.

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